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Summer Schedule

Monday                   8 - 10 AM

Tuesday                   8 - 10 AM

Wednesday             8 - 11 AM (Heavy Hitters Only)

Wednesday             6 - 8 PM

Thursday                 8 - 10 AM

Friday                      8 - 10 AM

Friday                      6 - 8 PM

Saturday                  8 - 9:30 AM (Drills)

Sunday                    3 - 5 PM

Please note:

The Summer schedule begins Wednesday, May 29th.

Wednesday morning Heavy Hitters sessions are geared towards High Intermediate and Advanced level players.

Saturday mornings will not have a coordinator available therefore, the yellow box with balls and first aid WILL NOT be open.  Please plan to bring your own balls.

Coordinated 'Social' Play


What is Coordinated Social Play?

In most cases, this is the date/time that a coordinator is available and the yellow box with balls and first aid are provided. The six main courts are dedicated to the Three Lakes Pickleball Club during this time.  All play is considered 'Social' Play and all are invited to join us.  Never played before?  No problem!  There are always players on hand to teach you how.

​Note: If the courts are wet and/or if it is raining, snowing, or below 50 degrees, group play will be CANCELED.

Outdoor play is held on the pickleball courts at Burnside Park:  6931 Stanzil Street, Three Lakes.  The courts are always open, so don't feel you need to limit your play to these dates and times.  Bring a ball and start a game on your own!

Pickleball Drills

Our master driller, Stephen Dennis, leads drills on Saturdays during the summer.  You must get on his email list so that you can receive the link to sign up.  He keeps the group small so that there is more time to learn and drill. 

Email Steve at:

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